More street photos

I used to shoot landscape photos only but now I’ve come to like street photos more and more. Street photography is challenging. It requires high sense of humour, quick thinking and good interpersonal skills, in ways landscape photography does not. Street photos can show more about the photographer than landscape photography does; they reflect his/her views towards the other people, and his/her own emotion and sensibility, again in ways landscape photography does not.

Sorting the hundreds of photos I took during my recent European trip, I find that there is more pleasure in looking at my street photos than my landscape (mostly cityscape) photos. And my wife has the same feeling about the photos she took.

The photo below was taken in Paris, on a street near Louvre, when we (my wife and I) were taking shelter from the rain. I was immediately attracted by the red chairs, tables and cars, but the smile and pose of the lady was the thing that urged me to take out my camera and shoot. I was glad that she had not noticed me and kept her smile and pose long enough for my shot. I was also glad that I did not totally cut off the gentleman from my picture; his cigarette-holding hand and his shoe tip were just enough to complete the scene. But in the hurry of the shot, I also included in the picture a person’s back on the left side. I cut it out (well, I guess such “tampering” is not unacceptable to most people).

Red Coffee Time

The one below was taken in Barcelona, Spain, when we were waiting for the train to get into the city from the airport. Apparently the little girl and her mom also just got off a plane. When they walked pass in front me, I grabbed out my camera without second thought and ran after them and shot. She was just toooooo cute to miss!

A Little Traveler


4 thoughts on “More street photos

  1. Love the little traveler! You’re right on about street photography. But, you have to have the guts to do it. A landscape will never put their hands up in front of your camera or say something awful to you for taking its picture…people on the other hand, well…they might. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yours is the first comment I got for my new-born blog.

      Yes, I appreciate what you said. One has to have the guts to raise his camera in front of strangers and face the possible negative responses. Quick judgment of the situation and prediction of your subject’s possible response helps in this regard. I won’t shoot in the face of a gangster-looking guy who doesn’t look like being in a good temper, for example.

    • Thanks, Chris, for your comment.

      My camera bag (a Lowepro Offtrail toploader when travel or hiking, any small shoulder bag otherwise) usually carries a Canon 5D Mark II, a 17-40mm f4L lens or 50mm f1.4 prime lens, and a 70-200mm f2.8L IS lens. I’ve been considering buying a 24-104mm f4L to substitute the above two-lens config. Lately I used a Samsung TL500 for most street photos.

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