You never know when you get that 0.02%

In a well-known 2009 post, Blake Andrew says that close to 99.98% of the street photos out there are just craps that are not worth looking at. Yes, I agree and I’m guilty of taking some of those crappy street photos.

But, crappy street photos in the eyes of the world may not be craps for the photographer himself. I mean, for the photographer himself, a crappy street photo may still be a good record of his own photography life and a few crappy street photos together may still be able to tell an interesting story, about the street or about the photographer himself.

After all, if taking 99.98% crappy street photos is what it takes to get 0.02% non-crappy street photos, then go taking them. And you never know when you get that 0.02%.

Man on a busy Paris street

Tired of the bargaining in the Apple Store


A Bratislava street statue



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