A Picture to Sum Up the Old Year

I’ve been submitting pictures to dpreview.com’s Challenges in the last two months. Exactly 100 entries have been made so far and my score, in terms of placement percentage, is 72.1% (which means I am better than 72.1% of all entrants). One of the themes which I participated in is “a 2010 picture that reflects how my year has been”. There is no restriction on capture date, so I submitted an old picture, one I took in 2007 in Elizabeth Park, Vancouver. My picture won the 23rd place among 146 entries.

Beautiful Things Don't Feed Me

My year 2010 was one with a lot of travel, tons of pictures, many of which are beautiful, but with near zero meaningful income. It was a year that made me start to think how to feed myself in the years to come, because the beautiful sceneries I saw and photographed in travel don’t feed me. Should I try harder, like the duck in the picture, to look for what I can feed on?

For now, I keep on dreaming a hit on the lottery jackpot.


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