What can you imagine from a picture

I engaged, over the last weekend, in a heated discussion on a local online forum about photography. It started from a few pictures posted to the forum which, in my opinion, are of little merit both in form and in content (for copyright reason I can’t copy them here). The author, locally recognized as a rather accomplished photography enthusiast, seems to enjoy the perplexity arising from the reaction of the audience. Imagination, he said, is what a good picture should trigger. To a certain degree I agree to that. However, imagination triggered (or forced, in this case) by perplexity is not what art pursuits. For example, a heap of garbage placed in an art gallery together with other works of art would certain force the gallery visitors to imagine the artistic merit of the heap, but would that make the garbage a work of art and is that type of imagination a process of artistic appreciation? I have serious doubt, but I don’t have an answer for sure.

The following two pictures were taken yesterday on my walk to the fishermen’s wharf. What can I, and you, imagine from them?


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