Photography for donation

I promised myself to do something helpful to China, my old home country, each time I travel there.  In 2009, I donated some of my “photographic resources” to the poverty-stricken people of a small village in northern Guangdong Province.

The “photographic resources” for donation were nothing but just free photo-taking for the school children and some poor families there.

We (me and three friends) did that because we learnt that many of those school children and families there had never had a color picture of themselves.

With our regular photographic gears plus a Canon Selphy ultra compact printer, we drove about 250km from Guangzhou to the village in the morning of May 30, 2009. The school children there were so thrilled by the opportunity of having a color picture that every one of them put on their best clothes and lined up in front of the school to greet us.

Each school child got a picture taken and printed out. It took us the entire morning to do that.

The afternoon was spent on taking photos in some poorest families of the village. Our photo-taking “tour” was led by the school master.

Altogether we took about 250 pictures and the total cost of the activity was around 700 yuan (or about US$100).

The cost was nothing compared to the rewarding experience we enjoyed so much. Besides, we all brought back some memorable photographs.


A 5-grader and her family (uncle, dad, uncle and mom)


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