Photography for donation again

Encouraged by the success in 2009, we, the same gang of four, organized a similar activity in 2010. This time we contacted a social welfare organization funded by both public and private funds and we got interested in a new program that the organization had been promoting on a trial basis.

The program is based on the concept of “simulated family”, an ad hoc family arranged to bring a caring family environment to orphans, abandoned children and otherwise homeless children. Simulated parents are recruited from those who have child-rearing experience but whose own children have grown up and do not require much caring from them. Applicants are also screened on security, education and health background. Once recruited, the simulated parents will undergo certain training on how to take care of traumatized children. Fully qualified simulated parents will be provided a low-rent 3-bedroom apartment and, for each child they take care of, a monthly stipend of RMB1,150 (about US$175). Each pair of such parents will take care of at least four or a maximum of five children. The term of each contract (yes, they need to sign a contract) is two years and renewable. Every four or five such families will be provided an extra apartment to be shared as a “playground”.

Most of the children placed in simulated families are either disabled or healthy but homeless. They basically don’t require medical treatment but need parental caring.

We visited four of such simulated families that are placed within one apartment complex, and took many pictures for them. The children were very happy to have visitors and see their pictures printed out and sticked onto the white boards in their playground. The parents hoped that our pictures would also draw more public attention and support to the program.

That was a joyful day for those families and for us!

Ms. Liu and her husband signed on five children, and Zhang Wensheng (suffering from cerebral palsy) is one of them:

Ms Liu and Zhang Wensheng

Mr Zhao, Ms Liu’s husband, is holding another child of theirs who also suffers from cerebral palsy:

Mr Zhao and Zhang Chuanyi

Ms Sun and her husband also signed on five children, three disabled and two healthy:

Ms Sun and her big "family"

Ms Sun and Wang Yeqiang (cerebral palsy):

Ms Sun and "her child"

Ms Sun’s two healthy children, who were homeless before taken into the family:

Liu Jingming and Wang Haiwen

Ms Li and “her four children”, three disabled and one healthy:

Ms Li and "her children"

Ms Li and Wang Wenhua (cerebral palsy):

Ms Li and Wang Wenhua

Mr Fang and Ms Xie and their simulated family. The two big children (the boy on the left in the second row and the girl squatting on the left in the front row) are healthy but were homeless before taken into the family:

Mr Fang and Ms Xie and their simulated family

These kids were the happiest that day, always laughing:

Some happy kids of simulated families

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