False Creek – A Dead End

Yesterday (June 1) evening, after the cheers for Canucks’ victory died down and the crowds in the bar dispersed, I walked to the aqua bus dock at Granville Island and stared at the city across False Creek. The sky was heavily overcast and looked as if in the process of brewing a thunder storm and there was a strange pink-red tint in the clouds over the Granville Bridge. A jungle of high-rise and mid-rise buildings, which densely line up in the waterfront, threw their lights on the relatively quiet water. This body of water was named “False Creek” 153 years ago by Captain George Richards, before the city of Vancouver even existed. Catherine Gourley, author of the book “False Creek”, writes, “On entering the creek he expected to discover a water link to coal deposits he had noticed in Burrard Inlet. When he met a dead end he gave the basin the mundane name of False Creek.”

Ah, it was so named because it was a dead end. A Dead End!

Here is a composite image of 11 pictures of False Creek.


False Creek, A Dead End


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