A Fiddling With PS

I used to stay away from Photoshop and confined my photos’ post processing to Lightroom, believing that all those layering etc in PS is a bit like cheating. That seems a bias, as I have realized, which is based on a naive belief on the innocence of the so-call “original” photograph. I am convinced that photography has long lost its innocence as truthful reflection of reality (is there reality at all?). Photographs have no originals, are just visions of photographers and they “cheat”, one way or another, with or without processing in or outside the camera through built-in firmware or other software like Lightroom and Photoshop. So, recently, I have been fiddling with Photoshop and a number of its plugins. One result is that I know how to turn a photo into a highly “realistic” but old-fashioned illustration-like sketch. This effect looks good on detail-rich, line-dominant pictures. Like the following one:

A Frankfurt Street Tram

For this picture, I applied separate layers of Topaz Adjust and Redfield Fractalius (opacity reduced to 40%) on top of the original in PS. Photomatix can be used instead of Topaz Adjust to achieve a similar effect. It is fun to fiddle with PS, particularly when one is bored with his boring photos.


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