Olas de Viento, and a Lonely Girl, and a Kissing Couple

For about two years, “Olas de Viento” (meaning, in Spanish, “Wind Wave”), a red, flower-ball like sculpture created by Mexicon artist Yvonne Domengo, has been a focal point of my eyes and sometimes my camera as well each time I walk into Garry Point Park where the sculpture was installed. Yesterday, there was a girl sitting high on the Sculpture, alone. I don’t know whether she was just relaxing there. Her look seemed to suggest that she might have just been ditched by her boyfriend. Anyway, she was sitting there. And I raised my camera to get a picture of her and the sculpture. And she turned around. And I saw, through my long lens, there was a young couple kissing each other not far away. I got them all into my frame, the high-seated lonely girl and the kissing couple. Mt. Baker, pink in sunset glow, was also in view, though far in the background.

Lonely Girl and Kissing Couple


2 thoughts on “Olas de Viento, and a Lonely Girl, and a Kissing Couple

    • Thanks, Rifqi, for your comment. Yes, things looked posed but were not. The kissing couple was really a bonus. The post work was to give the image a bit film/movie-like tint that may, hopefully, create a more appropriate mood for the “story”.

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