PS Exercise

I’ve been learning some PS tricks lately and produced some “fotocraps” at the same time. Call them “recycled” photos if you will.

The first one is based on the “little planet” trick. Tutorials of making such photos are easily available online. The only extra thing I did is the text. Oh, yes, the border too, which was made using OnOne’s Perfect Frame.

The second one is based on a tutorial by Corey Barker of Here is the link to the tutorial:

The materials recycled into the above two images include a night shot of Hong Kong’s downtown, a piece of the “calligraphy” of Tsang Tso Choi (the so-called “King of Kowloon” who is very well known for his calligraphy graffiti) and a panorama shot of Hong Kong’s downtown:

The third image I made today is based on another tutorial by Corey:

The materials used include a car model picture I took in China, an abstract background and a porsche picture from porsche’s website:

Hope you guys also have fun with PS.


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