First shots of the year

Finally a somewhat clear day today after more than a week of gloomy sky, so I drove up Cypress Mountain and took the Hollyburn trail. Despite some new snow last night and this morning, the trail is very icy and slippery and offers nothing worthwhile for my camera. I started out after 11am and got back to my car before 2:30pm. No picture.

Not wanting to go home empty-handed, I drove down to the Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. I’ve never been there anyway.

With the help of two ND filters (B+W ND 1.8 and Hoya ND8), I managed to cut down so much of the 3pm sunny afternoon light to allow a slow shutter of 20 seconds at f 18 and ISO 100 when shooting the lighthouse from a classic position. For fear of traffic jam during the rush hours, I did not stay for an evening shot of the lighthouse and left the park before 3:30pm.

Here are two pictures of the lighthouse, one landscape and one portrait. They are my first landscape shots of the year.

About the lighthouse:

This hexagonal, concrete lighthouse was built in 1912, when the land on which the lighthouse stood (known as Point Atkinson, named by Captain George Vancouver in 1792)  was leased to the newly incorporated West Vancouver.


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