Vaisakhi in Vancouver

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It’s my first time to be in the crowd celebrating one of the major festivals of the Sikh people, the Vaisakhi. The turnout was so crazy that I was reminded of the Cantonese flower market at the eve of the Lunar New Year. I expected a parade of the kind similar to that of the St. Patrick’s Day, but I was wrong. Yes, there were decorated floats, but they were drowned by the disorderly crowd and could hardly move a hundred yard in an hour. And the floats did not carry dancers or musicians; they carried loads of old people and kids who did not do anything on the floats but just stared at the crowd.  The crowd was more interesting, with some of the old ladies chanting all the way along the parade route. People were dressed very brightly. There was a free flow of soft drink and snacks. Well, I was told that the meaning of Vaisakhi is about giving, but I was there for taking; taking pictures. Here are some of the pictures I took (which are post-processed into painting like images, in the style that I wrote about in my last blog):


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