The Most Beautiful Street in Vancouver

I mean, in spring when the huge cherry trees along Graveley Street are in full bloom. Many streets in Vancouver have cherry trees, but perhaps none is lined on both sides so neatly with Akebono cherry trees of such gigantic size whose branches, thick and heavy with pink cherry blossoms this time of the year, arch out so gracefully over the entire street along the full block from Windermeer Street to Lillooet Street. This is a street that deserves a cherry blossom party or celebration every year!


5 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Street in Vancouver

  1. 徐老师,您好,您的作品真是太棒了!!非常感谢您为他人带来美的感受,把你用镜头看到的世界与他人分享!我是新移民,刚来到温哥华不久,也住在Richmond,希望有机会能向您多学习摄影技巧!

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