Snapshots of Macau

Last October when I was visiting Hong Kong, a friend gave me a ticket for Itzhak Perlman’s concert performance in Macau, the former Portuguese colony just an hour’s fast boat trip from Hong Kong. I’d never been to Macau anyway. So I went, with my camera as usual and a few hours ahead of the concert time. The casinos, for which Macau is well known, are not my interest. I walked around instead.

The ruins of St. Paul, the façade originally of the Cathedral of St. Paul built in 1602, is probably the most well known landmark of Macau and is certainly not to be missed by any first-time visitor:

I shot it from a few different angle:

I intentionally showed myself in the lower left corner of the reflection:

In my camera, from Monte Fort, an old cannon points at Grand Lisbao, the most famous casino hotel of the city:

A street with Portuguese-style buildings:

A man with golden watch sat in front of the beautiful St. Dominic’s Church:

A painter was working on a portrait of Dr. Sun Yat San, the founding father of modern China, with a portrait of Deng Xiaoping, the post-Mao Chinese leader, in the background:

A street sculpture showing a native Macau girl taking (or giving) a lotus flower from (or to) a western boy. The love-hate relationship between the natives and the conquerors is symbolically simplified.

Anyway, the westerners left a lot of things that are going to stay for a long long time. Catholic devotion among the Macau population is one of  them:

For some people, life is still tough:

and painful:

and injustice is still there:



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