A Few Vancouver Street Shots

Friday afternoon, pleasant weather, downtown Vancouver was still not the kind of buzzing, crowded cosmopolitan one expects of a big north American city.  I complained to my friend, when he took me there for a street shoot, that there were just too few people on the streets of Vancouver. I believe that for street photography the more people the merrier, since human interaction is a primary focus of the genre. However, one doesn’t have to be so narrow-minded. “Human interaction” could be created in a camera’s viewfinder. City streets are full of human artifacts, and people’s interaction (no matter how accidental it is) with such artifacts could be interesting human interaction in a camera’s viewfinder. Sometimes, time can be compressed in camera by a slow shutter to bring together people who are actually not together. Below are a few shots that may illustrate what I mean in the above.

A man with old-time beatnik sideburns walks by a glass wall which is temporarily, and creatively, shielded from inside with huge sheets of musical scores:

Next door, a lonely security guard has nothing to do but staring at the ground outside an old building:

A bar worker enjoys a smoke break outside his brightly yellow bar:

A lady looks at a piece of aboriginal art in a shop window:

A somewhat “abstract” street sidewalk scene, which is made interesting by the black strip on the wall and the black lamp pole:

Two typical street entertainers, who seem enjoying themselves even though few passers-by stop to listen to their performance:

A disadvantaged person asks for help at a street intersection which looks busy and crowded in a slow-shutter compressed time frame:



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