Laura Kay and Bobbie III, the Duck

Street entertainers are omnipresent on streets of big cities and have always made themselves attractive subjects for street photography. It is just natural that many of the photos I took last Friday at downtown Vancouver were of street entertainers. But I just want to post the pictures of one particular street entertainer, Laura Kay and her fortune-telling duck, Bobbi III. When I saw them on Robson Street, the jolliest street of downtown Vancouver, both Laura and her duck were in light blue dress. Laura did not object to I taking photo of her and even posed with her duck for me. According to the pamphlet she gave me, her duck Bobbi III (there were two Bobbis before this one) has tear ducts on either side of her bill and cries with salty tears like human beings, which is extraordinary indeed. As to how the duck can tell fortunes, I don’t know and didn’t ask. Apparently, Laura is a very kind person, loves animals and wants to help needy people with whatever money she can make with her fortune telling duck. She even has a registered charity project called “Duck $oup”.




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