Man with Mutton Chop Sideburns

This is the third post following my downtown Vancouver street shoot last Friday (June 15). In my first post, the first picture shows a man walking by a glass wall who wears old-fashioned sideburns. Curious about the name of such sideburns, I took the trouble to look it up online when I was back home. Voila, what an unexpected name: mutton chops! And one website even has a quote of Oscar Wilde on sideburns: “Hair, sexy. Side burns, sexier. Mutton chops, more erotic than an overtly ineffective lava.” I have not verified the quote, but undoubtedly this hair/beard (is it part of hair or beard?) style used to and continues to attract a lot of attentions, even though it may not be fashionable now. Or is it?

Actually, a couple of hours before I took the picture of the man walking by the glass wall, I saw at Granville Island’s ferry dock another man who wears the similar mutton chop sideburns. I couldn’t resist the temptation to ask for permission to take a picture of him, and the man obligingly stood still for that. Now, as I look at these two pictures, taken within two hours on an ordinary work day, I have to wonder if this is a resurgent fashion of hair/beard style.


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