Palouse Canola Fields

Canola fields are one of the most beautiful summer sights when the yellow flowers brighten under cloud-dotted blue sky. The colors are pleasantly complimentary to each other.

Near the end of last month, I drove to the Palouse area to look for them. But I only saw a few small patches along Highway 26 near Dusty, and couldn’t find any on the Idaho side of the Palouse. The information center of Washington State University tried to help me by calling various local sources, including the chamber of commerce and the university’s crop research team, but no one could be certain where such fields can be located. Crops are rotated from season to season, I understand, and canola don’t grow in the same field year after year . It seems that only the pilots of herbicide dusters who fly over the entire Palouse could tell where canola grow in a particular season.

Here are a few photos of canola fields I shot:


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