Celebration of Light in Vancouver

Celebration of Light has been an annual great fireworks event in Vancouver for 22 years! Claimed to be the largest offshore fireworks competition in the world, the event usually has only three participants. China, the frequent participant in the past, oddly opted out the event this year. In her place (to represent Asia in effect) is Vietnam, which made the first show last night.

Here are a few pictures I took last night on Burrard Bridge overlooking English Bay, the venue of the event.

The one below was a composite image of several shots of the “aquatic ballet” performed by the little ferry boats of False Creek before the fireworks started to light up English Bay. Only the light trails of the boats were actually recorded in the image. The moving boats were blurred out in the long exposure. The fireworks in the background were the test shots only.

A technical note: my fireworks pictures were shot at f7.1 or f8, iso 200-320 and exposures of 25-30 seconds (a black card was sometimes applied to reduced the overlap of fireworks explosion in the image).


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