A Trip to North BC Coast (1) – 108 Mile Ranch and Fraser Lake

My original plan for the first weekend of August was to group camp on Silver Lake, Washington, with my wife and our college buddies. Campsites had been booked and all arrangements were made. But a call from a photo friend put me in a head-scratching situation. He invited me to an RV trip, beginning from the same weekend, to the north BC coast and Alaska to see and photograph grizzly bears and glaciers.  That was simply too tempting for me to resist. Luckily, my wife was very understanding and supportive. So I “abandoned” my college buddies and went away with my photo buddies.

The travel plan was: four days of driving to and back from our destination, which is Hyder, Alaska, a very small town bordering with Stewart, BC in one of the many deep fjords on the BC-Alaska coast; and three days in Hyder and surrounding areas. I will post a few blog articles to describe the trip, as usual, mainly with pictures.

The first day, we had lunch at 108 Miles Ranch and overnighted at an RV park on Fraser Lake.

The ranch was actually what remains of a small community that was established during the gold rush era in late 19th century. A few cabins have been restored to become a sort of museum of local history. For travellers who are not really interested in the local history, the ranch is still an excellent rest place.

Fraser Lake, lying along the Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16) east of Prince George, is one of the thousands of what local people call “fishing holes” in the Cariboo area. We camped at Piper’s Glen RV  Park which overlooks the lake and has a railroad closeby. There we had our first suffering from the aggressive mosquito of the north.

We were more casual on the second day and stopped here and there to take a few photos of the roadside scenery, which I believe would look much better in autumn.

The picture below was processed with a sort of “infrared” preset in Lightroom. More to come on the trip.


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