A Trip to North BC Coast (4) – Fish Creek Again

Our fourth day on the trip was a bright sunny day, but the bumpy drive down from Salmon Glacier was boring. We stopped at Fish Creek again, hoping for another mamma grizzly and cub show. What we got instead, in the nine hours from 11am to nearly 8pm, were just a quick passing by of a grizzly (which I wasn’t even able to take a shot) and a variety show by bald eagles.

That said, a lot of visitors there had been waiting much longer, and I understand that patience is essential for wildlife photography. However, one of us did not have such patience and kept agitating for calling it a day. At 8pm, we reluctantly packed up and left the viewing platform.

Yet, just as I was about to get on our RV at the parking lot, one of my partners shouted “Bear!”

Oh,yeah, a grizzly was just getting onto the highway from nowhere, and walking towards the parking lot. I immediately raised my camera (which was conveniently hung on my neck at the time) and started shooting, at about 20 meters from the grizzly.

Despite the menacing look on the bear’s face, I believed it was not really aggressive and used to seeing human beings. A tab on its ear indicated it was being monitored by park rangers. But I apparently stood on its way to the creek behind, so I backed off and ran aside as instructed by a ranger who just rushed to the scene armed with bear sprays.

The grizzly walked through the parking lot and into the creek, with a group of excited human beings clicking cameras from a distance.

 The bear obviously came to the creek to fish but seemed not very determined to catch one. After a few unsuccessful attempts, it left the creek and disappeared into the bushes. Or was it annoyed by the human beings? By then it was already 8:30pm and the light was not good for any photo taking (no flash is allowed in the viewing area). My last few shots were set on ISO4000 and image quality was not good.

For the pros, these images are not keepers as they do not show interesting actions. But for me, getting a clear image of a wild grizzly is already a prize. With that thought, I left Fish Creek fairly satisfied.


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