A Trip to North BC Coast (5) – Prince Rupert

One often hears people say in Hyder that the weatherman lies half of the time, which is true. On our fifth day, rain did not come as forecast, to our surprise and delight. We started the day off casually, feeling the main objectives of the trip accomplished. It’s boring to drive home on the same route, isn’t it? So we decided to have a side trip to Prince Rupert, via a partially unpaved byway, BC Hwy 113.

There was another encounter with bear before we hit Hwy 113, a black one which seemed to have disease on the ears.

The byway passes through Nisga’a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park. Jointly managed by the First Nations and BC Parks, the park marks a landmark treaty between the First Nations and the government as well as the natural wonders left by a volcanic eruption 250 years ago, which also destroyed two Nisga’a villages.

Hwy 113 is a paved road from the lava bed park to Terrace and scenic like our Vancouver-Whistler Sea-to-Sky highway, with mountain on one side and water the other. However, the road is narrow and does not offer easy roadside stop, so we did not take any photo.

The sky became heavily overcast when we reached Prince Rupert, the port city on North BC coast, at about 6pm. Very little activities were seen on the city streets and most shops were closed. Things looked quite moody. After finding an RV camp (probably the only one in town and expensive), we shopped for food and walked around the town, which could be covered on foot in 30 minutes.


Probably the town would be much livelier when there is a cruise ship on dock.


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