A Trip to North BC Coast (6) – Skeena River

A large section of the Yellowhead Highway we traveled runs alongside Skeena River, the second longest river (after Fraser River) entirely within BC. Every summer, the river abounds with salmons that return from the sea to spawn in fresh water. It is a fishing paradise. As we drove along the river, we saw lots of boats and people fishing in the water. One of us, who is a fishing enthusiast, became more and more excited, and kept looking for a spot to stop for a release of his fishing urge.

Finally we pulled off at a large parking lot on Ferry Island outside Terrace. On the large pebble beach of the island, there were already dozens of people busy with their fishing rods.

A guy was just returning to his car very happy with the fun he had in the river, and posed with two of my travel buddies showing off his trophy of the day.


In the water, an old man was about to get a big one:


And he did!


Don’t say fishing is a man’s hobby. There was also a lady fishing in the water and just got something on hook when I turned my camera to her.

The lady lost the one on hook, though. Our fishing buddy did even worse, and lost the hook in the river!

The First Nation people have a much more daring method to fish. At the roaring rapids of Moricetown Canyon on Bulkley River, a major tributary of Skeena River, we saw them fishing in a traditional way which looks quite dangerous.

We were told very few people could or would do that today. Their life has changed and continues to change, for better or worse.


This wraps up my blog articles on our 7-day trip to North BC coast. Thanks for reading!


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