Spectacular “Fire Dragon Dance” on Mount Rainier

A couple of blog articles ago, I lamented on the failure to take a good star-trail picture at Reflection Lake of Mount Rainier. But let me tell you it was more than compensated for the very next morning, August 26, 2012, on a high ground of Sunrise, where I saw, enjoyed and captured with my camera the most spectacular sunrise show I had ever seen on a mountain top. I called it a show, because as the first sunlight of the day hit on the clouds on top of Mount Rainier, the clouds seemed ignited and burst into flames, and with the strong wind blowing over the summit, the clouds moved quickly and looked like a dancing fire dragon.  Yes, the image of the legendary dragon came to my mind as I excitedly pressed my camera’s shutter, shot after shot after shot.

The sight was absolutely stunning!

It was a spectacular show that lasted about five minutes. I took over 20 pictures, 15 of which had the same setting. Now I put them together into an animated gif file for everyone to enjoy. The image quality in a gif  file has to be compromised, but good enough to illustrate how spectacular the “Fire Dragon Dance” was.

Imagine if it were made into a full scale time-lapse video!


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