Spring Flower Fair in Guangzhou, China

If you were in Guangzhou, China today, on the eve of the Chinese New Year,  you’d know where the people like to go and shop and be festive. It’s the Flower Fair at the city center. Shopping fresh flowers and other festival-related items at the Flower Fair during the week running up to the Chinese New Year is an age-old custom in Guangzhou, a city also known as the “Flower City”.  The flower fair usually starts a few days before the Spring Festival and reaches its climax on the New Year’s Eve, when huge crowds of people would surge to the fair after their reunion dinner. Time has changed, though, and nowadays there are a lot of attractions on the New Year’s Eve other than the flower fair. But the flower fair is still a must-visit attraction during this time of the year.

Below are some of the pictures I took at the flower fair of 2010.

IMG_7256 IMG_7233 IMG_7200 IMG_7264 IMG_7249 IMG_7245 IMG_7240 IMG_7230 IMG_7221 IMG_7212 IMG_7211 IMG_7207 IMG_7203 IMG_7042 IMG_7032 IMG_7029 IMG_7019 IMG_7156 IMG_7194 IMG_7186 IMG_7169 IMG_7161 IMG_7160 IMG_7048 IMG_7047 IMG_7035

Finally, let me wish you, my blog readers, a very happy and healthy Year of Snake:



One thought on “Spring Flower Fair in Guangzhou, China

  1. What a joy moment ! Wish the Spring Flower will bring the prosperous for All ! Thank you . I really like the father with son pix. Happy New Year!

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