MyZeil – “Architecture is like Orgasm”

Frankfurt is where I set foot on Europe for the first time two and half years ago. Not that I really wanted to visit the city, but it was where a cheap Transat flight from Vancouver landed. I spent only one night there and did not expect to see much but wanted my day in Frankfurt a rather relaxing one, considering I may have jet lag and also I have an overnight bus ride to Prague the next night. So after a stroll along the riverfront, I went to a shopping mall called MyZeil at city center. It turned out to be quite an experience, an architectural experience.

The MyZeil shopping mall is one of the most amazing modern architectures I have ever seen. I normally don’t have much feeling about architecture, but that building is designed in a way that I was compelled to feel it. And, as I walked under the massive structure of curved transparent panels that flood all levels of the mall with natural light,  I felt I was inside a steel-and-glass dragon. Yes, it’s like a gigantic dragon dancing in the blue sea!

The shopping mall was designed by Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas, who once said at the beginning of a lecture at Darmstadt University in the 1980s: ‘Architettura è como un orgasmo’ (Architecture is like orgasm). The simile is not too far-fetched for enjoying a beautifully and permanently erected architecture like the MyZeil.

All of the following pictures were taken with Samsung TL500 point-and-shoot camera and post processed in Lightroom:











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