New Orleans Street Shots

To wrap up my New Orleans travel photo records, I attach here a few street shots I took in the French Quarter.

I noticed in a few streetcar rides that outside the French Quarter in the close perimeter of the downtown area, there are not many locals around on the street, especially during the weekend. Whereas in the French Quarter tourists overwhelm the locals in numbers (even during the Easter Parade). It is not easy to take street shots which do not include tourists.

The first four pictures, if looked at as a group, may suggest some stereotypes. Which I have to disclaim, if just for the sake of political correctness.





I love the reflection of Bourbon Street on his sun glasses:


This man gave me an awesome smile. I love his shirt and hat too.


Bourbon Street at night:


_MG_1674At first I thought the gentleman was acting gentlemanly by shading the lady from sunlight:





3 thoughts on “New Orleans Street Shots

  1. Just returned from NOLA and I agree, hard to shoot a local without a tourist somewhere in the frame..these are great shots.. much enjoyed!

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