Chinese Azalea

The azalea and rhododendron are blooming profusely in my backyard. Looking at their inviting colors, I always have an urge to take a photo or two of them. But my backyard does not provide any good background for them. Also, the fact that they are not home planted flowers does not go in sync with my preference for things natural. I am then reminded of the wild azalea I photographed five years ago in a mountain valley near Huangshan (the well-known Yellow Mountain) in China. They are wild flowers growing in a rocky valley dotted with pine trees. It was a very foggy day when I was there taking pictures of them. The flowers were wet and their colors were deeply and naturally saturated under diffused foggy light. The image quality of those pictures was not very good as I had only a Canon Rebel 350D camera (8M pixel). Nonetheless, I love those pictures!









I also remember that after a short stay in the valley, we (I was with my mom and two brothers on that trip) went to a roadside diner for lunch, where I took a picture of the owner’s daughter. The little girl was dressed in red, very healthy looking and as lovely as the azalea.





3 thoughts on “Chinese Azalea

  1. 今年四月回北京,和小梅,许辉,cheng 和他的女儿聚了一次。去西安玩了一下。今年没有计划了。问好!

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