Palouse Curves

The Palouse area in eastern Washington State is a fascinating place for photography. Unlike other much photographed areas, it does not constrain your point of view to any particular “viewpoint” like a tourist destination, because everywhere and everything there can be a point of interest for you. There IS a small mountain, the Steptoe Butte, where you can stretch your view over the rolling hills and fields, and no one would like to miss the chance to see a beautiful sunrise or sunset from up there. But down below, at almost every turn on the winding country roads, you would find something interesting for your camera. And, because of crop rotation and weather change, the hues of the fields and the rolling hills are different from season to season and year to year. You always have something new to photograph. That’s why I keep coming back to that place since 2011.

In the next several posts, I will share some of the photos I recently took in the Palouse.

Here are a few panorama pictures (created by stitching multiple pictures). Click the pictures to see them in larger size:

_MG_3152 Panorama

_MG_4036 Panorama

_MG_3160 Panorama

_MG_2679-84 Panorama

_MG_2630-35 Panorama

_MG_2648 Panorama

_MG_3167-69 Panorama


2 thoughts on “Palouse Curves

  1. Hi Danny – this is Matt McGraw with the Idaho Health Data Exchange in Boise. I am writing to ask if we can purchase an electronic copy of one of your images to use as backdrop for our website which we are rebuilding and getting ready to go live with. My direct line is 208-949-1999. Thank you, Matt McGraw

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