Palouse’s New Horizon

In Palouse, one of the most productive farming regions in the United States, not only agricultural crops are planted and harvested, but wind power, one of the cleanest renewable energy resources, is also being harnessed to the benefit of local community. Last winter, a wind farm was built on the hills of Neff Ridge between the town of Oakesdale and State Route 195, which has a generating capacity of 105MW, enough to provide power to as many as 25,000 households according to the project owner. For those who come to the Palouse area for photography and sightseeing, their view northward from Steptoe Butte is inevitably drawn to the spinning wind turbines on the northern horizon. In my opinion, they provide new photo opportunities. Photos of this new horizon are already being posted everywhere. And here are some of what I took in my recent trip to the area.

_MG_3172 Panorama





_MG_3167-69 Panorama-2With a relatively slow shutter (1/10 second) and saturation cranked up in PS, this last one looks more like having been taken in a fine day in summer or autumn (which was not):



3 thoughts on “Palouse’s New Horizon

  1. Excellent photography! I love the colors and the curves in the landscape. A treat for sore eyes!
    Greetings from the Far North

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