Palouse Horses

Every time I go to the Palouse area, I see horses; it is where the famous Appaloosa horses have come from. Appaloosa horses are best known for their distinctive spotted coats. But this coat pattern may have become less and less prominent with the addition of several bloodlines to the breed. In 2012, I saw a few spotted ones like this:

PalouseEarlier this month when I was there, I didn’t see any spotted Appaloosas. I only encountered a few that I am not sure belong to the breed. But they are nonetheless beautiful horses, and I felt I had to take a few pictures of them:


PalouseThe white one showed its masculinity in response to my shooting, which provided a perfect picture of “Spring Urge”:

PalouseIts female companion grimaced at me instead:

Palousearen’t they cute?


2 thoughts on “Palouse Horses

  1. Would you allow me to use your photograph of the Palouse horse with erection for a book I am making for the wife of a deceased English packaging designer to illustrate a story of horses that are aroused by stroking their tongue. She is going to print 300 copies. I would put credit and weblink and also send you a copy. It’s expected to be ready end of November. Kind regards Mervyn Rands

    • OK, no problem. I’d appreciate it if credit is appropriately given, more so if a copy is sent to me. Have a good one!

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