A Palouse Farmer

I have no idea how many acres of land a household owns on the average in the Palouse area and what is the population density of the area, but I know you can hardly see a soul in the fields when you drive around the area in whatever season. Well, sometimes there may be a couple of tractors and combines (in harvest season) working in the fields, but not many more, and you don’t really see the people, let alone talking with them or taking a portrait size picture of them. For the last two years, each time I went there, I hoped I could take a picture of a farmer within a talking distance. But until my last trip I had not had that chance.

The farmer I had a chance to meet and talk with on my last trip is the owner of a pretty red barn on Martin Road near Steptoe Butte. I took photos of his red barn every time I went to the Palouse but never saw him before. This time, in the early morning of May 12, as cloudy sky dashed our hope for a picturesque sunrise, I brought my friends down from the butte to this barn. The farmer happened to be there feeding his horses. Seeing us at his fence, he came over and chatted a bit with us. And I asked for his permission for a head shot and portrait. He seemed to be used to such request and agreed, saying at the same time that his barn appeared in many photographers’ portfolio and in some calendars as well.

I forgot to ask his name, but I think I will visit his barn again on my next trip there and give him a copy of the pictures I took of him and his barn.




The following two pictures of the farmer’s red barn were taken in 2011 and 2012 respectively:




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