Palouse Junk Artifacts

When driving around in the Palouse area, I often encounter, between shots of rolling hills, green fields, red barns and beautiful horses, interesting junk artifacts on roadside that are worth taking photos of, things like abandoned vehicles, farm machines, barns, grain silos and mills. Some of them are preserved and used as sort of museums, and some are just left there rotting away. Either way, they bring out a mood of history, and I think that their rugged, detail-rich images complement those of the broader scenes around. These images are also good for a little bit post processing experiment.

This much-photographed old truck near Colfax used to be in red paint. Apparently its owner is aware of its value for photography and repainted it a bit in orange to make it look more artsy:


This old hydrant in Oakesdale is probably no longer in service, and people painted it colorfully:


The old building behind the hydrant is the well-known Barron Flour Mill, a place on the National Register of Historic Places of the USA:


The Dahmen Barn near Uniontown is another much photographed historic building best known for its wheel fences. It is now a museum and home for a number of art studios:



The old truck and water faucet below are common scenes in the Palouse area:



This is an abandoned grain mill house on Highway 195 near Pullman:

PalouseThere is an abandoned Texaco gas station on Endicott-St. John Road which I have visited twice. A considerable collection of abandoned trucks and cars (including a very old police car) are kept there. For fun, as I was told by their current owner:





I have a dozen more photos of similar junk artifacts taken in my latest trip to the Palouse, but I don’t want to make this post too long. By now, my readers may be already fed up with the subjects of Palouse. Thanks for reading anyway!




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