The Wreck of “Pine Leaf” at Night

Talking about junk artifacts the other day (see my last post on Palouse junk artifacts), I remember there is a boat wreck on the Fraser River near my town. I went there a few days ago, at night. I had taken photos of that boat wreck before. This is one of the photos I took in October 2008:


The name of the boat is “Pine Leaf”. It used to belong to Bell-Irving Co., a salmon fishing company. The boat had her glorious days in the 1930’s, when the salmon fishing industry was still alive and kicking. I found an old photo of the boat in the public domain:


Today, the bow of the boat is already rotten away and reduced to a skeleton:


Despite the street lights nearby and on the river bank, I managed to make a photo of the wreck under star trails by combining multiple shots of 1 minute exposure (the tone of the composite photo has been adjusted to gain a cast of cinema blue/pink effect). :

_MG_4484-4594 sky copy

I actually have taken 46 shots with similar camera settings. When displayed at a rate of 3 frames per second, they make a very shot “time lapse” video:


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