Great Blue Herons

Talking about birds, great blue herons are much more prominent and omnipresent than sandhill cranes locally. They can be sighted in singles very often on shallow water near river banks or shoals on the coast. They have a majestic look and each time I see them I wish I had a really long lens to shoot a closeup of them. Also because of lack of proper gears, I was rarely able to capture an image of them in flight. Nonetheless, I have taken quite many photos of them. Here are my latest:







By the way, I just placed an order for a Canon 400mm f5.6 L lens. Hopefully, with this long gun, I will be able to shoot better photos.

Have a nice weekend!

One thought on “Great Blue Herons

  1. Hi Danny:

    That a lonely herons but you give her a beautiful shot with the calm evening sunset with the warmness beauty. I sometime passing and walking on the Steveston deck to look at the birds. What a nature beauty with your special captured eye!

    Thanks Danny. Sent from my iPhone

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