A Heaven’s Light Show

Thanks to Sun Spot No. 1785 (or was it another one, No. 1787?), the night sky over the northern horizon in the Mount Baker area was lit up with gorgeous northern light last night from 11:30pm onwards. What a show was it! And it lasted over two hours. My friends and I picked a really good day to camp under the moonless sky at Artist Point. We knew about the magnitude of the sun spots but did not know when they would make an impact on Earth. For three days, we had been monitoring their activities. We kept our fingers crossed as we drove up Artist Point late afternoon yesterday. We could hardly believe our eyes when an arch of aurora appeared on the northern horizon, until our cameras confirmed it.

Wow! I hardly need to say any more. Just let me share with you a couple of pictures I took (the guy in the second picture is me):

Artist Point Aurora Show

Artist Point Snowshoeing

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