Bear by a Blue Pond

I just came back from a long driving trip up to the north of British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies. With my brother, who is visiting me from Hong Kong. Our first stop was Hyder, Alaska, a place I visited just last year (see my posts: A Trip to Northern BC Coast). It was perhaps a bit late for bear watching season, as the bear viewing facilities were already closed (but one could still get in, at one’s own risk). The weather was bad, too, with annoying drizzles and fog. We didn’t see any bear in the evening we arrived, and saw only one the next morning. This time, I took more videos than photos (I bought a Canon EOS M campact camera for video). Here are a few of the photos I took.





5 thoughts on “Bear by a Blue Pond

    • Thanks! Why is the water blue? I have no idea. My guess is that the water is probably from the glaciers nearby and contains minerals that reflect light differently than plain water.

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