A Picture for Christmas Card

I went to the Rockies last week with a few friends, in the middle of an unusual cold spell that swept across the west part of North America. Temperature plunged to as low as -40 Celsius at night. Our car, an BMW X5 SUV, froze up the second night there (it hadn’t frozen up in the first night solely because we had taken turns to get up from bed to start its engine every two hours through out the night, which we should have done but didn’t the second night).

Well, despite (or, because of) the cold weather, the Rockies look beautiful with snow cover. And I’d like to share an image I made by stitching three pictures I took on the first day I arrived at the Rockies. I think this image is good for making a Christmas card.

Happy holiday season!

_MG_2883 Panorama



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