Castle Mountain and Morant’s Curve

No one who visits Banff National Park would miss taking a photo or two of Castle Mountain, an imposing peak standing prominently on the east side of Highway 1. It is another most photographed mountain in the Canadian Rockies after Mount Rundle. And it is easy to photograph, unless you want to photograph it from an angle other than the one that most people do it, which is from the banks of Bow River near the bridge at Castle Mountain Junction. In winter, the mountain is good for photography both at sunrise and sunset, as the sun is always at a low angle down south. The first picture below was taken at sunrise, and the second one at sunset.



If you continue to travel on Bow Valley Parkway from Castle Mountain Junction towards Lake Louise, there is one spot many people would miss but you should not. It is called Morant’s Curve, after Canadian Pacific Railway’s staff photographer Nicholas Morant. Here you can take a picture that brings together the grandeur of the Rockies and the symbolic power of mankind, the railway.





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