Colorful Clouds Over the Rockies

Before 2013 is over, I’d like to write one more post on my recent trip to the Canadian Rockies.

One reason we made this winter trip is the phenomenal ice bubbles of Abraham Lake in the Kootenay Plains popularized by photographer Darwin Wiggett. We hoped we could get a few pictures of the amazing icy Abraham Lake. However, the frozen lake was snow covered when we got there. And we were also told that the ice layer on the lake was too thin to tread on. So probably it will be a better time in January. As if to make up for our disappointment, we encountered, on our way back from the lake, another rare phenomenon (rare in Vancouver area at least), which is called cloud iridescence.  It is the occurrence of colors in clouds similar to those seen in oil films on puddles. I had seen such clouds a few years ago (see the last picture below), also in the Rockies, but it was the first time for my friends. All of us took a bunch of pictures of the phenomenon.

Shall I take the colorful clouds as auspicious signs of the coming new year?

Happy New Year!

_MG_3372 Panorama




Rockies 2009


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