Landscape Shots by 400mm Lens

Of course, the lens (Canon EF 400mm f5.6 L) is meant for wildlife photography.  But no one says it can’t be used for landscape photography. Last Sunday, at White Rock Pier, between shots of the seabirds off the pier, I also took a few landscape ones (all hand held), and despite it was broad daylight time, the shots were not bad.

The first picture shows a cargo train moving towards east, with snow-covered Mount Baker looming big in the background, which is at a distance of about 77km direct from where I stood. The second picture shows an Amtrak passenger train moving west and just about to pass around the tip of White Rock, which is at a distance of about 4.5km from where I stood. In both of the compressed scenes, the lens brought together two interesting elements: the great nature and the civilization/human intelligence, the latter in this case being symbolic in the form of trains.




2 thoughts on “Landscape Shots by 400mm Lens

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