Snow Camping Under a Full Moon

To snow camp on Huntoon Point, Mt. Baker, has become a sort of must-do for me since 2007 (when I first did that). This is irresistible because, firstly, the view up there is panoramic and breathtaking, with Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Baker in full view, and secondly the access is easy; the hike takes only about 1.5 hour even with a full load backpack. I may also add that there is a good chance of having the whole place all to yourself; very few people snow camp up there. Which is good if you photograph during the night.

So, when weather forecast promised a couple of clear nights a few days ago, I hiked up there with a friend. It was a full moon night. The moon rise was a bit disappointing due to the clouds on the horizon, but the bright moonlight it shed on the mountains soon after it broke the clouds gave us the opportunity to photograph with relatively low ISO, which means photograph with better image quality. My tent, a new one that I bought recently, was again used as a prop for some pictures. Star trails were difficult to shoot because of the bright moonlight, but I still managed to blend them up on a couple of pictures.  It became a bit cloudy and windy in the second half of the night, and none of us could fall in sleep. The sunrise was nice but short of being spectacular, also because of the clouds on the horizon. We hiked down to the parking lot an hour after sunrise.


1. Snow mobiles playing around before the night fell:

Artist Point Snowshoeing

2. My tent glows under the moonlight, with Mt. Shuksan in the background:

Artist Point Snowshoeing

3.  With Mt. Baker in the background:

Artist Point Snowshoeing

4. With the stars of the northern sky in the background:

Artist Point Snowshoeing

5. With the star trails over Huntoon Point:

Artist Point Snowshoeing


6. Before sunrise:

Artist Point Snowshoeing

7. Enjoying the alpenglow on Mt. Baker

Artist Point Snowshoeing

8. Romantic blue tone of Mt. Baker at sunrise (setting moon in clouds on the right):

Artist Point Snowshoeing

9. Layers of mountains of North Cascades:

Artist Point Snowshoeing

10.  Baker Lake under fog cover:

Artist Point Snowshoeing

5 thoughts on “Snow Camping Under a Full Moon

  1. wow..really nice! Do you need crampons for the hike? Is the route pretty clear in February? Planning to do this next month with my 2 14 year old kids. Will a van make it to the parking area? thanks!

    • No, not crampons, but you need snowshoes for the hike. The route is not marked but earlier hikers may leave their tracks for you to follow. The road to the parking lot is normally plowed clear so a van should be fine. Enjoy.

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