Guangzhou in Blue Hours

I was travelling in China during the entire month of May and the first week of June. Most of the time I was in Guangzhou, my childhood hometown. The city has changed tremendously, way beyond I could remotely remember. For better or worse, depending on …… well, things I should not deal with in a photography blog. As a photography enthusiast, I walked a bit in the city center square with my camera and tripod during the blue hours of a couple of days, looking for the better sights of city lights. And I came back with this set of night photographs.

1. Canton Tower and Guangzhou Library


2. Music Fountain at Flower City Square


3. IFC Tower and Guangzhou Library_MG_4740 Panorama

4. Music Fountain at Flower City Square_MG_3935

5. Taking a shot of Canton Tower with Cell Phone_MG_3987

6. Modern Architectures and Reflections _MG_4759 Panorama

7. Guangzhou Opera House and IFC_MG_4774

8. IFC_MG_3967

9. A Pearl River Night Scene_MG_5241







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