Mid Summer, High Grounds

This is a hot summer, hottest since I came to Canada. Fortunately, there are a lot of high grounds around Vancouver where you can cool yourself down. I’ve made a few trips to such high grounds lately, and got some cool pictures back too.

On the July 11 Super Moon Day, I drove up Artist Point, Mt. Baker, and camped the night there.

 The paved access road is stilled lined with snow, but a lot less than in the last year:

Artist Point Snowshoeing

Another photographer set up his gears on a high ground to wait for the moon to rise (Mt. Baker’s summit in the background):Artist Point Snowshoeing

 The moon rises behind the shoulder ridge of Mt. Shuksan:

Artist Point Snowshoeing

The moon rises behind the shoulder ridge of Mt. Shuksan:Artist Point Snowshoeing

Our tents under the full moon:Artist Point Snowshoeing

Stars dance over our tents:

Artist Point Snowshoeing

I made an Inukshuk:Artist Point Snowshoeing

The moon set right on the summit of Mt. Baker:Artist Point Snowshoeing

We left our shadows on the high ground:Artist Point Snowshoeing


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