Mid Summer, High Grounds (2)

On July 15, I drove up to Mt. Rainier National Park with some friends (after a shoot at Shi Shi Beach under disappointing weather), and spent the night right in the parking lot of Paradise Visitors Center, showing to my friends how to take star trail photos. Some serious star gazers were also there with their big telescopes and gave the park visitors a free star talk. While the rest of the northwest was under a heat wave, it was really cool to spend the night on a high ground and star gazing (and star shooting as well).

Early next morning, as we were taking shots of Mt. Rainier by Reflection Lake at sunrise, I spotted (using my 200mm lens) a few tiny lights near the top of the mountain. I learned afterwards that at that moment, two teams of mountaineers were making their final push to the summit (see the last two pictures). The guys made it to the highest ground in Washington State in the golden morning light of mid summer.




_MG_7815-_MG_7829_gap_filling 1 (2)-2



Artist Point Snowshoeing

Artist Point Snowshoeing



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