Autumn’s Fairytale

Autumn is almost over before I can post anything to celebrate its beginning. For the past weeks, I was pretty preoccupied by the need to act as tourist guide to my visiting relatives and old time friends from China. Most of them have left now, so I have the time to post something about the season that’s going away.

As expected, the last weeks of autumn brought rain to Vancouver. A lot of rain. I wonder if it has rained more than usual, because the woods near my home are now full of mushrooms. Including some that I have never seen there before. Pretty ones they are, though. I mean the red toadstools, the quintessential mushroom we see in children’s fairy-tale books. They are so picturesque that my brother-in-law (one of my visiting relatives who still stay with us) and I have found it very interesting to take photos of them. We went to the woods again and again, when the rain stopped. And, with a bit of post processing, the photos we took really put on a nice look of fairytale.

Here they are, an Autumn’s Fairytale:








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