January is the month when, in the morning, Vancouver is most likely to become Fogcouver, a city shrouded by a blanket of fog. It is the time when the view of the city from a high ground can be quite stunning. Sometimes the fog can be so thick that the city is completed covered, which is not good for photography in my opinion. But then it is out of anyone’s control. As long as the sun radiates its golden glory from the eastern horizon, Fogcouver is a absolutely beautiful sight.

On a rare sunny winter day, before I explored Squamish River Valley (see my earlier post), I drove up to high ground in West Vancouver and took these photos of Fogcouver:

_MG_3308 Panorama


The peaks in the above panorama are (from left): Mount Shuksan, Mount Baker and Twin Sisters Mountains, of which are in Washington, USA.

_MG_3335 Panorama

The buildings visible in the fog in the above panorama are in Burnaby, a member city of Greater Vancouver. If I stitch more photos, the panorama is like the one below (the tips of buildings on the lower right corner were all I could see of downtown Vancouver):

_MG_3335 Panorama 2

Click the photos to see them better.


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