Turn, Turn, Turn, a Time to Fly a Kite

I was an avid kite flyer during my childhood, and each time I see people flying kites I can’t resist standing by and watching with great interest. Garry Point, a park near my home, happens to be a perfect kite flying place, with its expansive open space and strong breeze from the sea. Unless the weather is too bad, there are always some kites flying over the park.

A few days before the Chinese New Year, a lady and a gentleman were there flying some long-tailed kites which could make rapid turns in the sky. The sky that day was beautifully blue and the afternoon light was soft. I watched for a long time. And, of course, I took dozens of photos. The turning kite reminded me of Pete Seeger’s song “Turn, Turn, Turn”. Hence the title of this post.

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