The West is Red and Spectacular!

While the eastern areas of North America are suffering from unusually cold weather, the western coastal areas are enjoying unprecedented warm winter. For the last ten days, we in Vancouver had no rain at all, which is truly extraordinary. The nice weather also produced spectacular sunset (and perhaps sunrise as well, but I didn’t get up early to verify that). For several days in a row, I witnessed beautiful sunset at Garry Point, the west facing seaside park near my home. There are several shots I would like to share with my fellow bloggers.



The one below is a composite of three pictures; the sunset setting, the music guy and the birds:_MG_5588-3



This is a selfie:_MG_5622

This is my favorite. Look at the golden rim light!_MG_5799-Edit

4 thoughts on “The West is Red and Spectacular!

  1. beautiful images . Not all of us in the east are suffering from a cold winter . I love the cold…I love the winter and am sad to see it go . Winter and snow are some of my favorite things…I will wake and the thermometer outside says 7 degrees fahrenheit…and all I can think of is …what a beautiful day…I enjoy your blog .Namaste

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