Spring Comes Early

Al Gore should come to Vancouver to sell his curses and cures on global warming this winter. Too bad he lives in the freezing cold east coast.

We Vancouverites have just had an unbelievably warm winter. And a short one, it seems. Because the cherry plum trees (prunus cerasifera) that line up many streets here are in full bloom, at least two weeks earlier than normally the case.

Cherry trees have also begun blooming.

Spring comes early in 2015!

It’s time to photograph flowers!

All of the following pictures were taken with long lenses, either my 70-200mm f2.8Lor my 400mm f5.6L prime, all hand-held. Long lenses are very useful for photographing the blossoms on streets. They help, among other things, compressing the scene, capturing details high above the trees, and throwing the background out of focus thus giving the scene a great visual depth.

Enjoy the early spring!











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